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BYOGA | bi-jo-gaa |

Life is mysterious!
A force called Love is the energy behind all life. It is the cause of the senses and beyond perception.
Life on earth occurs in such variety and complexity, it seems to me to be demonstrating that Love is infinitely more creatively potent than the intellect or even imagination!

Seen from outside of the daily working conventions and assumptions, how can we deny the mysterious nature of this life?

But how can we see?

Yoga practice is like a science of being human. As beings of perception we receive stimulation, information and guidance through our faculty of sensing, filtering, thinking and reacting. Yoga practice works on the senses of perception to refine self awareness. Clearing dullness, stabilizing agitation and wavering we develop an attentiveness, often called mindfulness. Yoga, by refining the awareness becomes a science of the mysteriousness of being!!! To see what is.

Primary to all ‘science’ is clear observation.
To ‘know oneself’ is a calling for many of us.

To learn yoga practice CONTACT
Peter Roussel:
Email:webmaster(at)byoga.co.uk (please rewrite)

5 Bramley rd, London, W5 4SR. Telephone- UK: +44 078 66 55 8613. India: +91 967 300 6386.


Yoga Practice works:
the body; kinetic and respiratory,
the energy; effort, bandha, breath and
the focus of the mind.>

Yoga practices are to clear the mind and open the heart.
Releasing us into a fullness of being.


What Style is BYOGA?:

  • Byoga is not a style its just a website.
    What I am sharing is a practice that brings:
    Mental clarity and resilience
    Stable nervous system
    Smooth functioning of the body
    Strong respiratory system
    From practicing twice a week

When we practice we gradually build a relaxed objectivity about our inner experience (the mental and emotional levels). Self awareness at inner levels builds forgiveness and gradually builds our relationship with our deeper essence.

Byoga Practice has an impact on the way we look, feel and function in life!!! A science of life.

Based on ancient practices, when I share yoga it is a modern interpretation based on what I have found to work through my practice. I have spent years working with my teachers and trying to understand what they convey. What I have found is a practice that is a progressive evolution of the individual, slowly changing body breath and mind into a more cohesive whole. Developing stage by stage of technique and philosophy. Ways of seeing and ways of taking action.

I take what I feel I have learnt and see how it might be applied for you.
The practices I share in workshops and retreats are to empower you to shift and grow at your own pace.

Where you go with it is up to you!!!


for yoga lessons CONTACT
Peter Roussel:
Email:webmaster(at)byoga.co.uk (please rewrite)

5 Bramley rd, London, W5 4SR. Telephone- UK: +44 078 66 55 8613. India: +91 967 300 6386.

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  1. Byoga is a presentation of the basic principles of Yoga as shared by Peter Roussel.

    Byoga is able to keep you in touch with Peter and stay informed about opportunities to work together.

  2. hi peter just found your website . so i thought iwould drop you a line and say hello and test to see if is working a very big hello from a very cold brighton hope all is good for you do let us know where you teach in london may pop in to see you all the best andrew .

    1. Hi Andrew
      It works, I got your comment. I am afriad I have to appoligise for the slow moving of this site development.
      I will be back in London in the coming months and will let you know of any workshops.
      All the best Pete

  3. Hello Peter, my name is Selda – I was doing yoga in Freiburg with Uta, but I moved now to London and I am looking for a good place to do yoga here.
    So I was wondering if you are giving regularly yoga lessons in London or just workshops, and if so, where in London are you giving your courses. Can you maybe recommend me a good place to do yoga similar to the yoga that Uta is practising in Freiburg (I really loved to do yoga with her).
     I look forward to get some information from you to start as soon as possible yoga again.
    All the best,

    1. Hi Selda,

      Nice to here from you. I don’t often teach in London although demand is
      growing. at best i will offer a workshop in the area next May and
      possibly a retreat then too (2013).

      For regular classes: try Yogabase for Iyengar classes like Uta. Laura
      may give classes like that too, lauralotus@googlemail.com drop her a
      line to see what she can offer. She knows more about london yoga than
      this wandering yogi.

      all the best with settling into London, there is a summer, its after the cool monsoon season!

      Love pete 

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