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Yoga is Art

The breath is a source of inner guidance that can make life Art

The miracle of health and healing that the breath can offer is explained in this TEDTalk:

“Extend your breathing, extend your life”

Peter Roussel teaches Pranayama: the Yogic Science of the breath.

Regular yoga practice can illumine the way we see ourselves and the world. Join class at Delight Yoga Den Haag.


Yoga refines perception. Self observation has a great impact on the potential of our life. Life is always changing. Producing a demand on us to grow and learn. Alertness from yoga practice makes us more present, receptive and adaptable. Life is enriched as we learn to meet and embrace events and mistakes.

Working with the body (asana /postures) can help us get ‘real’ about the nature of limitations. This shift in outlook affects how we look at life and deal with challenges. The body shows us habits in the mind through sensation. With Peters educational yoga training we can learn to ‘read the body feelings’ and manage our physical and emotional circumstances.

Yoga is a set of tools that work on body breath and mind. We can build on our human potential.  Regular practice can improve cognitive ability, compassion and potentially avoid life challenging disease.

Study of the breath and focus (Pranayama and Meditation) create makes perception more subtle. This kind of practice brings a sense of grace to life. We can open to the feeling that we are receiving a little assistance and sense when to step up. Inner awareness can open up devotion – bringing depth to life – a trust that we can let go of needing to name or understand that which is bigger…


On a practical level:

Peter is skilled in how to manage limitations, and teach previously unfelt techniques using simple apparatus called props. These can be used simply as an aid to reduce the taxing stress that might lead to over working or bad habits, but they are also uniquely valuable as a teaching tool. Although Peters simple classes may seem basic, he offers a great deal of depth and detail in the essential practices of Hatha Yoga. Including study of body, breath and mind with practice of asana, pranayama and meditation.

Peter teaches in Holland, Den Haag and Amsterdam
Delight Yoga, Scheveningseweg, The Hauge: see classes



Working one to one can have powerful effects and can deal with sensitive issues in Privates,
Peter is highly skilled bodyworker Thai massage and TNT bodywork available.

Call, Whats App or iMessage on +31 613 483 832

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