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This website informs you of yoga based on the experience of Peter Roussel.
Professional educational practical tuition to those who value vitality.


  • One Day Retreat Sat July 27 & Sep 28

    This full day yoga program in an off beat, intimate beach house in the dunes will get you into summer vibes. Tune out of what holds you back and lowers your life state and turn towards the things that take you to your happy place.



Hatha with Peter focus on natural alignment of the body to improve lightness in the posture, breathing and circulation. Theses Hatha classes are informative for beginners to be safe and  for those with physical limitations. The skills taught here build on the slow sensitivity in restorative classes and prepare you for the flow of Vinyasa.


The postures and alignment of Hatha can be linked into Vinyasa which is a moving meditation. Linking movements and openings in progressive sequence that is at once demanding and calming. The breath of Victory links each movement into what develops as a flowing dance of life.


Slowing down gives us high resolution perception. Exploring meditative focus and subtle breath to calm the nerves gets the mind connected to the body with refinement. Details of alignment and activation are practiced slowly and gently for stability. Restorative classes are also helpful for students looking to alleviate stress and fatigue.

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