Work place YOGA

Yoga doesn’t have to be wild. We can use safe and accessible workouts that serve to reduce stress with clear results. Yogic techniques can be applied during working to stabilise the mind and strengthen concentration.

Yogic benefits in the work place

We can expect trainings in this approach to yoga to bring about palpable results that ‘line the pocket’ of our mental, emotional and financial reality.

Reduce absenteeism:

  • Increasing the IMMUNE SYSTEM RESPONSE making one less susceptible to colds, influenzas and other communicable illnesses
  • Strengthening overall physical, mental, and emotional VITALITY

Increase productivity by

  • Enhancing MENTAL CONCENTRATION by opening neurological pathways
  • Stimulating LEARNING COMPREHENSION by connecting right and left brain circuitry
  • Increasing ability to FOCUS by stimulating frontal hemisphere of brain
Reduce medical, legal & insurerance fees by:
  • REDUCING THE NEGATIVE PHYSICAL EFFECTS OF STRESS, such as migraine headaches, gastritis, ulcers, constipation, high blood pressure, insomnia, hair loss, weight disorders, canker sore.
  • DECREASING TENSION due to muscle tightness, causing neck, shoulder, and back pain, as well as excessive facial wrinkles.
  • ELIMINATING ANXIETY such as hypertension, constant worry, panic attack, hyperventilation and emotional instability
    REDUCING THE NEED FOR STRESS RELATED MEDICATIONS; over the counter & prescription.
Reduce employee turnover
  • Employees value their workplace when they feel valued as human beings.
  • Statistics show that when a corporation demonstrates health concerns for their employees, the quality and efficiency of the entire organization improves
Results are seen in viable financial returns.