About Peter


The way I see it is that the tools in the practice of Hatha yoga cultivate attentiveness. The kind of loving attention that brings acceptance of who and what we are. Practice brings a refinement of awareness that affords us perspective on the way we see life.

A strong desire for independence and self governance was the fuel for my practice.  (Peter was introduced to Astanga yoga in 1998, a gift from a friend). The descriptions of breathing, focus and movement captured my imagination and inspired some enquiry into what yoga is.

Observations of what happens when practice is consistent kept me engaged with self practice and professional development. Yoga became a life line that helped me to feel whole and connected to the flow of life as well as a great tool for physical fitness and mental clarity.

Almost two decades of leaps of faith, following my passion has lead me around the world into the discovery that there really is more to life than our thoughts and feelings tell us – on and off the mat.

Sharing simple practices that can be with you anywhere you go, and used anytime is what I do now in Holland. A resident teacher at Delightyoga.com.

I offer practices at a variety of classes. Hatha, Pranayama, Vinyasa, Restorative. Occasionally I teach weekend workshops.

Yearly I host residential yoga weekends and weeks, see the retreats page.

Peter offer weekend workshops in European cities and Japan, see the workshops page.