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Peter offers workshops. A class is great to get your regular practice done but the long hours and detailed focus in a workshop environment really takes the practice deeper.

The impressions one gets while in a workshop stay imprinted in the nervous system and we find lasting improvements when we continue the practice after attending workshops.

Workshops for 2017:


25 February 2017: Iyengar yoga asana workshop on forward bends for the nerves

26 February 2017: Yoga to make you Smile: Full day of Hatha yoga – Asana,  Pranayama and meditation Urban Retreat: contact stinafisch(at)

Den Haag

5 March 2017: Surya Namaskara Workshop (sun salutation) @ Delight Yoga 


11 March 2017: Restorative and Pranayama  @ Lila
A morning of deep postures and re-charging pranayama

11 March 2017: Restorative and Pranayama  @ Das Yoga Haus
Book here:  [email protected]

12 March 2017: Restorative and Pranayama  @ Yoga Corner
An afternoon of deep postures and re-charging pranayama

12 March 2017: Restorative and Pranayama  @ Santosh Yoga


16-18 June 2017: 3 Workshops with different themes at residential event: Luxembourg Yoga FestivalFuussekaul

East Holland

23-25 June 2017: Residential Yoga weekend, Delight Yoga Weekend


Peter offers informative hands on adjustments in Workshops and Classes in Den Haag, Netherlands.