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Mindful yoga practice in the Dunes,
Strong asana, precise alignment, deep effect.
Special attention to the breath
Multiple breath techniques (Pranayama)
Simple sitting Meditation
Orientation talk, giving perspective on practice

Beach Hut Yoga
where you can feel the sky meet the water

One Day Beach Vacation

Only got one day to get away from it all? Hit the beach. With specific guidance you can get the holiday feeling in one event: There will be four chances to take your Beach vacation 2020.

Up lifting practice, vegetarian lunch, massive beach space and cool people in our group and in the shack. Want to be with friends but they don’t want the yoga? invite them to join for diner on the beach and share your bliss.

We create this refreshing retreat vibe with the yogic art of Hatha Yoga: the science breathing, moving and being; practical systems that support and deepen each the experience of life.
This is the Art in which you are the canvas and ‘I’ is the witness.

How will it do that?
Meditation clears the mind freeing the energy flow. Empowering deep breath energises the heart  and circulates deeper after mediation. Stability of mind and breath helps the postures loosen up.

Props from Bodynova facilitate skilful hatha yoga practice, intense and effective. This workshop is facilitated by Peter Roussel, an experienced practitioner, with history of international training, sadhana and teaching.

Beach Vacation 2020 is a snappy day of moderate intensity. Prepare to see things differently. And if the yoga doesn’t put a smile on your face, there is organic cake and booze in the secret kitchen for a reward by the fire at the end.

All Level Event?

You will enjoy it better when you have done a years practice.
Its not really an all level event. It will take some commitment, although everything comes in small steps. You will be sitting still for some time and ‘working’ in asanas but flexibility is not required. Peter will ask about injuries / limitations at the start, it’s important that you explain any limitations to him. Many basic restrictions can be accommodated. For yoga Therapy sessions contact Peter privately.

Some experience is essential, if you are uncertain about any of this for you or a friend please don’t hesitate to contact me on Messenger or Whats App.

Beach Vacations 2020

  • 21  March Saturday
  • 18  April Saturday
  • 6 September Sunday
  • 3 October Saturday

09:00 – 17:30


  • €90 regular ticket
  • €80 early bird ticket
    • 100€ special reserve last minute ticket
  • €11 Organic tasty lunch (Ask for Vegan and ‘free-from’ options)

Tickets here

The price includes equipment, teaching, workshop space.

The meal in the lunch break is organic and made with love from Het Puntje team. You can buy a lunch ticket when you buy your ticket (tea and drinks after are extra).

There is an option to support a charity that educates in the slums of Bangalore in South India. Donate to India Share and 100% of donation goes to benefit the women and children, choose the amount you wish to share. (old video of the project)


Het Puntje Beach Shack is cool. It’s a remote beach shack in the Dunes of Den Haag.
Our favourite chillout spot with easy to access from the city.
The organic food is cooked with Love and tastes excellent, staff are super cool and the living is easy at Puntje (the end point).

  • Het Puntje
  • Noorderstrand Scheveningen
  • Parking @ Zwarte Pad
  • Access by bike through the dunes

Deepen your practice

Wether preparing for a Teacher Training, longer retreat or you just want to know more about the spectrum of hatha yoga practice this intensive will inspire you and feed your knowledge bank.

Included is two asana practices, meditation and pranayama. Each practice contributes and enhances the other. Discover how the breath changes the body and the mind, its all deeply connected. For those interested Peter will give an orientation conversation (20-30 mins) after lunch break. Curiosity welcome while Peters engaging commentary stimulates self enquiry. Exploring the significance of yoga in modern life in a info-tech world.


  • 09:00 – Arrival time*
  • 09:30 – Quiet Sitting*
  • 10:00 – Pranayama*
  • 10:45 – Savasana deep rest
  • 11:00 – Asana (Flow into Hatha)*
  • 12:40 – Savasana deep rest

13:00 – Lunch Break*

  • 15:00 – Orientation conversation
  • 15.30 – Restorative Asana*
  • 17.00 – Closing Pranayama and Quiet Sitting*
  • 17.30 –Savasana deep rest*

Please allow adequate time to arrive to this remote location.


*Quiet sitting is simple meditation, there will be some guidance to help you focus and then silent sitting.

*Pranayama is the art of linking awareness and energy. Careful breathing patterns build energy levels and sharpen the mind. We do two main sets of patterns; Fire rhythms and slow rhythms Fire builds up to cleanse and then we smooth it out using deep slow breath to stabiles nervous system and clear the mind.

*Hatha classes with Peter are slow and accurate. Learning to tune into the level of opening the body has then challenge it to expand our capacity. Growth is life.

*Flow means Vinyasa – dynamic breath and movement patterns.  Vinyasa asana is dynamic – warm flowing movements open the body, mind clear and breath smooth you will feel the flow anew.

*Restorative — Slow and supported asana with accuracies that stables joint function, release compression and restore balance.

*Closing session with Pranayama and Meditation to ‘seal’ the practice and stabilise with Savasana (long relax).

*Keep time at the end to soak up vibes, have tea or a drink together, Het Puntje is the perfect place for a relaxed evening with friends with the sunset.

This is an intensive, expect to be challenged but to be shown where to find your edge. You maybe tired by the end, particularly if you are toxic but you will gain an insight of a energy blueprint that you can grow into. Feel free to stay and chill together at the end, but also free to go out into nature alone or just go straight to bed. This is an experience. not just any old yoga class.



– reconnect to the buzz in your soul