Peter has been massaging for over 25 years. Practicing since he was a kid, just for the love of it. He has completed many short courses and formal trainings on techniques.   Hands that decipher the patterns in your body, knowledge of anatomy and experience in yoga, enable Peter to provide you with not only relief, but an understanding of how to work to manage yourself. He can unknot long standing issues and produce remarkable results with a variety of therapies that often combine yoga and massage.

Skilful Touch

Thai massage

Since his first training in Thai in 2003 and subsequent training in 2004 and 2009 Peter has a nice, unconventional way to give massage with stretches and pressure point on clothed bodies. Informed as much from his yoga adjusting skills and asana practice Peter uses Thai Massage forms in safe and gentle ways compared to some traditional methods where more seems to be considered better.

Chavutti Thirumal

“Chav” as we affectionately call it, is a remarkable ‘sports massage’ from south India. It is an all body massage for athletes, yogis and dancers. People who train a lot need a good deal of pressure and benefit from integration of all the body parts. Chav accomplishes this with long flowing strokes given by foot pressure (the meaning of the name).
The long reach of the legs, balanced by the support from a rope above head height, provide a variety of strokes and pressure points. Peters feet are very alive and sensitive (and clean). The yoga training has given him excellent control and body weight can be applied through his feet in tiny amounts or in full! This can be strong or light and uses flowing sequences of moves in Ayurvedic style that is incredible. Warm oil and grounded on the floor mattress makes this a uniquely grounding and integrating experience.


‘Myofacia’ is the connective tissue. This seemingly invisible fabric encloses the whole body, wrapping up every cell and fibre. This technique is best described as deep tissue work, and it is very deep. Buts not all about pain. Pressure given with hands and sometimes elbows is applied in informed ways at a very slow pace with only a tiny amount of oil to keep traction on the skin. This practice is very helpful to release tight spots and particularly pain. It can also be use to address imbalances, relieve head aches and joint pain. this is not a traditional massage in that it is not an all over body relaxing massage it is focused and highly effective. It has many of the “de-armouring” qualities of the TNT massage but has no internal part.

The New Tantra Massage

The New Tantra Massage is a 2-3 hour multi step treatment that connects you to the flow of your deepest creative energy. The 12 step process works with pressure points to open blocked energy channels (both externally & internally that we call called de-armouring) This brings you back to a natural state of awakened energy. The opened circulation of energy can flow in your whole body freely. Reducing feelings of ‘being stuck’ and enhancing the drive for creativity.

Both men and women can choose de-armouring of the body internally and externally. The body stores old emotional tensions, the relaxation of which can be very healing. Relaxation here enables deeper energy to flow from the through the spine freely, which is useful channeling creative energy,  managing PE (check out, and can help access full body orgasms.

Price & contact

Peter offers confidential sessions personalised to your needs in home visits in Den Haag.
Prices start from 110€ +BTW

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