One Day Retreat

One Day Retreat

15 September 2018     08.30 – 18.00

Tickets 15 Sep
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One Day Retreat 2 
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07   October     2018     09:00 – 17.30

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Full-Day yoga program in workshop space with props on the beach.

Meditation, pranayama, Slow educational postures and flowing practice.

Doing yoga takes us out of the head-space of daily life and affords us a fresh perspective.

This special program provides an opportunity to slow down and refocus. We have inner knowing when we can see clearly.

Our amazing location will help us connect to our presence on Earth as part of nature.

“Take a walk to the top of the hill and its is easy to see the best route to cross the valley”

Skilfully guided by Peter Roussel this structure will reconnect you to your sense of inner ‘being’. This will reorganise your outward ‘doing’.

In principle we will simply practice the art of breathing, moving and being.
In practice the refined technique from hatha yoga traditions and Peter’s 20 years experience will bring about a change in your inner landscape – you might feel quite different. 😉

08:30 – Quiet Sitting*
09:00 – Pranayama*
10:30 – Asana (Hatha)*

13:00 – Lunch (Provided)

15.30 – Asana (Flow)*
17.30 – Pranayama and Quiet Sitting, Savasana*

There will be several long relaxations.
2 hrs lunch break gives time for digestion and beach walk.

For those interested Peter will give a short talk (20 mins) before the afternoon session on the place and significance of yoga in modern life in Holland

*Quiet sitting is simple meditation, there will be some guidance and then silent sitting.

*Pranayama is the art of breathing. Fire rhythms build heat and focus, slow deep breath stabiles nervous system and clears the mind

*Hatha classes are slower with alignment detail. Today the class will have restorative part and active part themed to educate.

*Flow means Vinyasa – dynamic breath and movement patterns. Putting the skills and awareness from the morning to the test. After the digestive break we will enter full flow. The vinyasa class will be dynamic, the body open, mind clear and breath smooth from the previous practices. We can cover more challenging practices like arm balance, back bends and inversions.

*Closing session with Pranayama and Meditation to seal the practice and stabilise with Savasana.

Keep time at the end to soak up vibes, have tea or a drink together, community is all part of union.

€80 full day
€50 half day

Tickets 15 Sep

The price includes equipment, teaching, workshop space and lunch. (drinks after are extra)

All Level Event – No beginners.
I can accommodate injuries, limitations of various kinds but experience is essential, if you are uncertain about any of this for you or a friend please don’t hesitate to contact me on Messenger or Whats App.

Peter Roussel is a Yoga Teacher originally from the UK. He dived into Astanga yoga aged 23 and has not looked back. Vigilantly following his calling around the world he has explored many traditions of practice. Following amazing teachers and seeking power spots in nature he has built up a skill set of the practice that is practical and insightful.
He currently gives classes at Delight Yoga Scheveningseweg.

“This program is the culmination of practicing with great masters, visiting holy sites around the world, prayers answered and a sincere longing to know truth. I have adjusted the practices’s to fit, to make it accessible and enjoyable to the people I now work with in the Hauge.” – Peter

Parking @ Zwarte Pad