In private classes Peter can offer practices carefully focused to your needs or adjusted to your schedule. You can explore detailed practice(s) that interest you or we can focus on addressing specific issues.

In the past Peter has worked with clients for injuries, scoliosis, pain management and rehabilitation, stress and sleep disorders, post-surgery recovery, meditation, complementary work with fitness regimens, specific asana groups (like backbends or inversion work), and much more. Yoga can be used effectively to treat many nervous disorders.

Since 2000A.D Peter has been applying therapeutic applications of yoga. He has worked with clients of all ages and abilities, all of whom have different aims and capabilities. New mothers, elderly, millionaires, busy business people and yoga enthusiasts have all benefited from detailed care with Peter.

Privates give you freedom to have the class when and where you like (within reason). We can work in your home, office, tropical island or at the studio.  It is recommend to practice at Delightyoga studio because we can work undisturbed and with ample props for nourishing variations.

I can be booked for office classes if booking for several weeks in a row.
I offer consultancy and postural management training for correct preservation of Human resources, i.e. not damaging employees with poor postural compromises. Frequently we see avoidable postural problems in those employed in IT focused work environment. Yoga can not only reduce sick days, but also improve productivity.

To book email: privates(@) (please re type)

or Call: +31613483832