Yoga is a set of adaptive practice that sort your head out, get you in shape and helps to join the dots between the many layers of our identity

Jungle yoga is outdoor yoga asana (posture) and awareness classes guided in the park. Peters years of yoga journies into the wilderness will bring fresh inspiration to the way we adapt to the circumstances. Classes (max 9 people) are arranged through what’s app to provide last minuet up to date info on weather location and wait lists.
for more info WhatsApp  +31613483832
Zoom Yoga is a way to guide you in the familiarity of your own home to introduce you to self practice. Peters slow and detailed style will be somewhat simpler to adapt to the limitations of online connection. See schedule for more info and bookings. Classes are not limited but you will need mat, 2 blocks (at least) and a belt.
Mini classes in our health clinic are available for private booking and one to one therapy sessions, email for more info WhatsApp  +31613483832

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