Summer Yoga Retreat

Summer Yoga

Weekend Retreat, Amsterdam 

Join us from 8 – 11 June 2018,
Het Lichthuis, Zandvoort, Netherlands.

About the yoga:
Going slow is not only useful for relaxation, it’s supports sensitive connections, enabling us to learn new skills in the practice of Hatha yoga. (the yoga of body breath and mind)

The slow Hatha Yoga will be ‘restorative’.

That means using restful positions that refresh the body and bring steadiness to the mind by improving ‘energy flow’. ‘Energy flow’ can be the food moving in your gut or the digestive absorption or the juices in the organs or the breath in the lungs, or the thoughts in your mind! All these are processes that benefit from circulation. Circulation is supported by making space.

Supported positions (asana) and stabilised breathing patterns help to circulate the life force energy (Prana Shakti).

Restorative practice brings renewal and a sense of physical well being (releasing shoulders, hips and back) not just because it’s slow but because of the expert guidance.

Breathing practices create a need for delicate concentration which brings wonderful results to the mind. In addition, pranayama practice (breath work) brings a deeper balance to the nervous system that can calm the mind and heal the body.

Taking a break away and leaving it all behind means we can spend hours gently preparing the body for the breath work and quiet sitting.

It is a special feeling, simple quiet and calm. It may not empty your head of all thought but it can bring a sense of spaciousness around the thoughts we have.

This retreat will explore soft stillness with some bursts of energetic practice. In some moments we may touch on something directly, that is within each of us, that is tranquil and steady.

Learn skills that will bring lasting results because you will know how to re-create them for yourself.

Some of you might already have advanced practice but this program may still have great value as you deepen your practice in delicate and intelligent ways.

Being away from it all, walking, spending time with new people that inspire you, practicing yoga deeply, eating food that is as amazing for your body as it tastes has an effect. With plenty of time to go to the beach, enjoy a massage or simply read a book in the garden you will be refreshed, finally. It’s your weekend – we simply make it an unforgettable one!

We offer you three nights on retreat including:
– two Yoga classes each day by Peter Roussel
– one guided meditative walk
– a personal masseur (with special retreat prices)
– free use of sauna
– three night stay in luxurious 2/3/4 person apartments
– free use of hammam towels and comfortable bed sheets
– full board with healthy, pure and nourishing food prepared with love and attention by Lonneke Lammers our personal chef
– the house is located just a 15 minute stroll from the beach and a longer hike in the nature reserve Kennemerduinen….

Apartment twin €475 pp (8 spots available)
Apartment shared 3/4 p €450 pp (8 spots available)

Each apartment has a private living room, kitchen, bathroom and separate toilet. Beds can be put together as twin and separate. Each apartment also has a bed sofa in the living room.


For bookings or more information, please contact [email protected]

Program Timetable:
13:00 Arrival & check-in
14:00 Lunch
16:15 Group intro
17:00 Yoga & Relax
19:00 Diner


08:00 Meditation
08:30 Tea & fruit
09:00 Yoga
11:30 Brunch
17:00 Yoga
19:00 Diner
20.20 Optional Movie: “Soil, Soul, and Society” Satish Kumar 70mins


08:30 Meditation
09:00 Tea & fruit
09:30 Yoga
12:00 Brunch
17:00 Yoga
19:00 Diner


07:30 Meditation
08:00 yoga
10:00 Brunch
11:00 Closing meeting
11.30 Hometime

The venue


Healthy food

Building on the delight of this retreat is nourishment with delicious food.  Our healthy meals and snacks will make your mouth water. If you have any allergies or other dietary wishes, we can of course take that into account if you inform us in advance of the retreat. Coffee will not be served and it might be an idea to take a short break from your habit to prepare. Chai tea (Dairy free) will be served and plenty of herbal teas. Please respect that this is an alcohol free event.

There will be herb tea and fruit before practice in the morning but it is highly recommended to wait for brunch, the breath work is powerful and empty belly is required.



  • The offer


What is included in the Yoga Weekend:

  • 6 asana practices ( Hatha / Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative)
  • Pranayama
  • A Yoga Nidra practice
  • Accommodation
  • Towels
  • Made beds
  • 3x brunch, 3x dinner and healthy snacks.
  • Unlimited herb tea, black tea, and water
  • (The use of a yoga mat, yoga block and meditation cushion)
  • WIFI
  • Every evening a roaring fire or campfire


What’s not included

  • Transportation to and from the residence
  • Extra activities
  • Private yoga or bodywork sessions. Thai Massage with Peter can be booked in advance.