with Peter Roussel & Ellen Paalman

Our ‘luxury’ yoga retreats slow you down and are an opportunity to break away from the material and day-to-day life, in order to reconnect with a deeper, more meaningful reality. Real luxury is about knowing yourself, being healthy and vital, breathing in fresh air, being in nature and eating organic and fresh meals: the rediscovery and appreciation for the essential.

We choose the locations for our retreats carefully: peaceful and quiet, surrounded by nature, away from crowds and tourism. Places where you can regenerate and find again the priorities of life that maybe lost in the day to day living.

Our Method

We offer tools and techniques to transform the mind and connect with the body in order to access a deeper intuitive intelligence. The basis for every retreat are the classic yoga principles, working with a combination of yoga asana, meditation, pranayama. On top of that on, depending of the retreat we add in soundwork, dynamic movement (dance), silence, intuitive work and journaling.