Guidelines for joining a class


Before class

  1. Arrive 10 min early.
  2. Cycles must not block the path, please put bikes at the end of the road.
  3. Take shoes off (leave in reception)
  4. Wash hands
  5. Leave all belonging (except shoes) in the changing rooms
  6. Food and drink in your stomach must be very light for class.
    ‘Officially’ one must complete a meal 120min before the start of the class. Water 20 mins before start is okay.
  7. Don’t drink during class, make sure you are sufficiently hydrated 30 mins before starting.
  8. Phones, watches and other gadgets will not be accepted in the practice space. If you have any reason you think you need one with you please consult the teacher in advance of the class start.
  9. Injuries (old or new) that have an effect on your practice must be explained to the teacher upon arrival for each class. This is to support your safety and development.

During class

  1. Success in your practice is not and cannot be estimated by outer measures; its all about inner experience.
  2. It is understood by those participating in the practice that they practice by themselves for themselves; You are 100% responsible for the experience you have in your practice.
  3. Peter uses general and specific verbal instructions to support your practice. This guidance will be more personal and specific the better the teacher understands your experience. Questions and requests of clarification are welcome.
  4. At times Peter will provide hands on adjustments, as a powerful method of informing the asana, if for any reason this is not what you want please communicate what is acceptable to you to the teacher in advance or during the class (don’t wait until after).
  5. The group focus and energy can be greatly enhanced by the intention you arrive with.
  6. To hold space and focus for each other we observe quietness in the practice space.

We have some special rules to operate under until further notice, please read our health & safety measures