“Hatha yoga is a bunch of technologies (tools) that cultivate attentiveness. The kind of loving attention that brings acceptance of who and what we are and can see clearly what needs to be done.”


What kept you going all these years?

A strong desire for independence and self governance was the fuel for my on going self practice.  (Peter was introduced to Astanga yoga in 1998, a gift from a friend). The descriptions of ‘Ujjaiyi’ breathing caught my attention as I had learnt this myself mountian biking and found it cured my asthma, gave more stamina and kept my nose clear when breathing cold air in the north of England.

What is self practice?

My first teacher told me to roll out the mat sit down and do Om, then take rest = job done. I found through this soft approach, that I often did more than expected. He mentioned to notice how you feel after class. It can be felt that after a day or two the effects and openings fade so best to get back on the mat. I trained myself into regular practice by trusting myself.

Observations of what happens when I practiced consistently kept me engaged with self practice. I have always engaged in self experimentation. Yoga became a life line that helped me to feel whole and connected to the flow of life as well as a great tool for physical fitness and mental clarity.

And now?

Almost two decades of leaps of faith, following my passion has lead me around the world into the discovery that there really is more to life than our thoughts and feelings tell us – on and off the mat.

What do you teach?

Sharing simple practices that can be with you anywhere you go, and used anytime is what I do now in Holland. I teach classes in Den Haag at the Iyengar Yogacentrum. I offer a variety of classes; Hatha, Pranayama, Vinyasa, Restorative and private classes. My motivation is to provide enough to understand for self practice.

“If you are looking for the best yoga master,

no doubt Peter is your man!
What he doesn’t know about yoga, I am pretty sure it doesn’t exist.
The only thing he asks from you is your full commitment,
only then you will enjoy all the benefits.”

– Gijsbert Harder –


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