“Hatha yoga is a bunch of technologies (tools) that cultivate attentiveness. The kind of loving attention that brings acceptance of who and what we are and can see clearly what needs to be done.”

Peter Roussel Teaches Yoga

What are you doing Peter?

I am holding it together. Life, in its totality, is a journey that has taken me on a ride. Some things hurt and other moments rock. Having been through some heavy stuff and having been the grateful recipient of many Joyful moments I began to wonder. Even as a small boy I became alert to the differences that one moment has from the next. Much has been made of these ups and downs in drama and philosophy but what is the steady “knowing” that can estimate the fluctuations of feeling?

Age 20 something, I was already busy with the ideas around perception, reaction, and the defenses of feeling removed or “above” a situation so as not to feel the impact of what the senses (here the word ‘senses’ includes the mind) are telling me.

It became clear to me that the way I experience life in any specific moment has a lot to do with what I am assuming about myself, the situation and even the world at large. The nature of expectation, disappointment and satisfaction were all pulling at me calling for answers. I noticed that the circumstances and outer events in my life were only part of the story. For a large part I found myself projecting onto others my interpretation of what was actually happening. So I began to look for how to take responsibility for my inner experience. I didn’t know where to start.

I would like to tell you about how I

did my first head stand, got enlightened and came back to save the world

there have been challenges and dark nights of pain but rather than redemption I have found an evolution that constantly, creatively expands twisting and turning ad-infinitum. There have been many chapters to the life I have witnessed. Discovery about the nature of I and the misconceptions I have had, layer upon layer of them, that became webbed across me to create a cake across my face that I hoped would make me feel safe. Each little step on this journey has been a reward and a liberation in it’s self. As the wise have often said: it is with solid application and non attachment to result that is the way. I am currently evolving how to serve as a yoga teacher.

What I am doing now is guidance is a fusion of all I have learned, practiced, experienced and digested about living a life of sovereignty. Clarity of purpose must be applied with quality of attention in any discipline. Vision must transcend limitation. Steady as She goes is wise to remember. I am a visionary that offers multiple perspectives. A New Way of seeing is what i offer. As a consultant on ethical levels and as a yoga teacher. I am creative and have traveled to work in depth with some of the best teachers of hatha and Jnana yoga alive at the time. I could say I have been to places where the dead can speak and learnt from great Masters already beyond the body… but that would sound a bit wacky on a website. Nevertheless there have been more insights and experiences that lead me to all sort so of profound and transcendent conclusions, many more than have confirmed that I am an animal with a mind riding in it in linear time.

How did you get to be doing that?

Somewhere, deep within me was a pain. I didn’t know it was pain. I felt unrest, I felt called to enquire into the many layers of Life. I come from a background of privilege and comfort. My parents worked to serve others and often gave percentages to charity or actively volunteered. As a result I encountered many kinds of people

What is self practice?

My first teacher told me to roll out the mat sit down and do Om, then take rest = job done. I found through this soft approach, that I often did more than expected. He mentioned to notice how you feel after class. It can be felt that after a day or two the effects and openings fade so best to get back on the mat. I trained myself into regular practice by trusting myself.

Observations of what happens when I practiced consistently kept me engaged with self practice. I have always engaged in self experimentation. Yoga became a life line that helped me to feel whole and connected to the flow of life as well as a great tool for physical fitness and mental clarity.

And now?

Almost two decades of leaps of faith, following my passion has lead me around the world into the discovery that there really is more to life than our thoughts and feelings tell us – on and off the mat.

What do you teach?

Sharing simple practices that can be with you anywhere you go, and used anytime is what I do now in Holland. I teach classes in Den Haag at the Iyengar Yogacentrum. I offer a variety of classes; Hatha, Pranayama, Vinyasa, Restorative and private classes. My motivation is to provide enough to understand for self practice.

“If you are looking for the best yoga master,

no doubt Peter is your man!
What he doesn’t know about yoga, I am pretty sure it doesn’t exist.
The only thing he asks from you is your full commitment,
only then you will enjoy all the benefits.”

– Gijsbert Harder –


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