Yogic Breathing Intensive


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4 week foundational course
introducing and deepening Pranayama

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Dates & time

The course runs once a week you can sign up for Friday evening or Saturday Morning.

Friday 18:30 – 20:00
Dates: 16 Oct, 23 Oct, 30 Oct, 6 Nov 2020

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Saturday 08:00 – 09:30
Dates: 17 Oct, 24 Oct, 31 Oct, 7 Nov 2020

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Course prices

€120 for 4 weeks
€200 for 8 weeks (you combine this course and the meditation course that starts on Nov 20)

The price includes equipment, teaching, course space. Ticket are non-refundable and non-tranferable. See terms and conditions


Gewoon Chiropractie
Hoge Prins Willem straat 226
2584 HX Den Haag


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What to expect


Refined breathing
How to hold the spine
Deep slow breath patterns
Balance nervous system
Energy boost

Introducing to Pranayama (Yogic Breathing Practices)

This course is an introduction to the breath. Breath is life, learning to dance with it is magic.

We start simply watching the breath. This regulates the breath, nervous system and reveals the intimate connection between our minds function and the breath. Something as mundane as staying alive becomes a source of power and joy when we become skilful in harmonising the breathing. Introducing Ujjayi (the breath used in flow classes and Astanga) as a stand alone practice that develops strength of concentration and focus.

Learning to watch the breath we can start to move the Life Force Energy better. When the energy flows deeper it can act as a detoxifier but as we develop we can find that we start to feel amazing. Learn tools of the practice, with an understanding of what to do and how to progress step by step. Be guided as to how to perceive and acknowledge the subtle effects of yogic breathing.

We will start each session with yoga posture (asana). Explore ways to sit comfortably with the spine alert. This is an art in itself (come to Hatha class for more of that). We will cover a bunch of best practices, preparations and no-no’s of Pranayama.  

These foundational practices will inform your yoga and meditation practice immensely. Which will in turn, develop a strong energy body. Which in turn, has a profound effect on our experience of life. Yoga can elevate your state of mind that you begin to function at a higher level of your being. The practices in this intensive are a foundation for profound shifts in your life: The way you feel and the energy you have. The “Life” within.

Learn how to deal with the challenges we find as we pursue the practice. Common issues and blockages to the practice of pranayama will be addressed. We will each have to adapt the practice to our own capacity so this is an all levels intro event.

Welcome to contact me with any questions.

Combine with the Yogic Meditation course

The Yogic Breathing Intensive is designed as an ideal preparation for the Yogic Meditation course that starts the week after.






– reconnect to the space and energy within