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Breath work

Max Strom on breath work and the power it has to change our life that Doctors, Coperate CEO’s and even US Defence Department are catching on to. Learn the same from Peter Roussel.

“Extend your breathing, extend your life”

Personality Assessment for Individuals

Get a clear view on how your personality is balanced.

Brené Brown: On Vulnerability

Primal Intensive

week of retreat and deep letting go. Understand the challenges of your childhood and how your current personality, outlooks and values are coloured by conditioning. Primal Intensive

Self Practice

Eddie Stern (Manhattan Yoga Star) interviews Moby on Self Practice.

Jordan Peterson’s Biblical series

To know ourselves we need to understand our experience and values. This epic series of lectures from a renowned Clinical Psychologist is a fascinating look into the development of our modern psyche.
Part OnePart TwoPart ThreePart FourPart FivePart Six
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Jiva healing retreat

Would you to clean your body like a fresh start ? Join a juice fast and learn nutritional cooking in beautiful locations.  Jiva Healing Retreats

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