S u m m e r   S o l s t i c e

yoga and meditation retreat

22 – 29 June 2024

Inner transformation

You are invited for a week of inner transformation at La Serrania in Mallorca. A week where your inner beauty will shine through to match the natural beauty of this place. A week to be yourself, take rest and reflect: a mini metamorphosis after which you fly away renewed.

This retreat is designed to enliven your spirit, to enable you to feel the full effects of a deepened yoga practice with reduced distraction. Sense yourself in a new way, with greater awareness, energy levels and increased calmness.

Island paradise

La Serrania is found in rural Mallorca, down an unpaved road with over hanging trees. This little paradise, tucked away from the big crowds, tourism and other distractions of the Island, is nestled under the foothills of the World Heritage Tramuntana mountains.

Imagine waking up with bird sounds, walking in silence through the fresh air to the yoga room with views of the mountains for your morning practice. Picture enjoying delicious meals that are fresh and healthy. Feel yourself relax as the tension slips away by the pool filled with natural spring water. You will be in the perfect environment to be fully nourished back to a sense of wholeness.

Culinary Magic

Our cook believes that food should be nourishing, exciting and fun. The delicious meals have a Mediterranean emphasis with Middle Eastern and some Asian influences. Enjoy the daily brunch after yoga and a 3 course meal in the evening on the terrace with an amazing view of the mountains. All made with fresh products, a feast for all the senses.

raise your vibrations and fly away renewed