S u m m e r   r e t r e a t

Oak mountain air revitalises your senses
Yoga practice returning us to a sense of whats it is all about.

Mountain Seclusion

Our luxurious hide away is in the northern mountains of Mallorca. Built on four and a half hectares of unspoiled land. Covered by oak woods and olive groves, the limestone terrain speaks of something ancient. Beautifully designed rooms spread through the garden completely blend into the Mediterranean setting, creating a sense of harmony and wholeness.

Yoga ‘adventure’

Break away from the tension of daily life and in your body. Feel centred, relaxed and empowered through the twice daily yoga program that will carefully build you up and put you back on your own two feet.

Culinary Magic

Our cook believes that food should be nourishing, exciting, fun and delicious. Enjoy the daily brunch after yoga and a 3 course meal in the evening. All made with organic fresh products, a feast for all the senses.

Join Peter and Ellen for magical week of yoga
in the seclusion of the Mallorcan mountains 3 – 10 September 2022