Private sessions

abhyāsa-vairāgya-ābhyāṁ tan-nirodhaḥ

As the Guru once said:
you won’t get there with a struggle and you won’t get there if you give up!
Why not ask for help?

A Private Yoga Class

Integrate your yoga practice in your life (which is optimal) with personalised practice sequences to fit you.

Is high level supervision is required? Book for a yoga ‘rehabilitation therapy session’

A Private Class can help you get more from your weekly classes. Learn to modify, get direct feedback on breath, learn how to hold a delicate joint safely.

Private Classes support self practice to maintain equilibrium for those with serious issues (yoga therapy).

Private Classes support self practice for those with a serious passion for Hatha Yoga (Asana Pranayama, Meditation) and want feedback on their practice, new sequences, learn about blind spots.

Private classes support you getting the most out of general classes and your self practice. If in between classes the participant practices at home their skill and benefit will improve. 3-4 times per week is optimal.

Realistically the body and mind grow and heal at a certain pace. Peter provides a range of examination practices to formulate an engaging practice for you that you can maintain. Expert guidance ensures practices are safe and effective, interesting and absorbing. We take it step by step. We aim to practice three to four times per week, sometimes alone, sometimes in a class. `the guidance provided in Private Classes enable you to work in the most appropriate way. Occasional “top-up” classes allow us to adapt the practice to fit changing daily situations in your life; your energy levels; time available; your ambition etc. It can be done. You will thank yourself a thousand times. Step up, show up, don’t give up.

Want to join?


80 euro – single private class

Duration: 90 minutes

General Terms and Conditions apply

Timing and location are negotiable

Before joining the classes, please read the
health & safety guidelines


For questions and bookings contact Peter









“Peter places great emphasis on correctly performing postures.
Correct in the sense of anatomically safe and healthy.
Yet his lessons go much beyond physical experience.
I am often impressed by his insights in the spiritual field
and the way he conveys them.
I do group and individual classes with Peter
and am constantly improving awareness, strength
and stability in mind and body.”

– Marja van der Hagen –


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