Private yoga

Yoga is work you can do to refine perception, treat injury and illness. Yoga has the power to take you beyond your current level of self understanding.

carefully focused practices that cater to you


  • yoga is most powerful when applied accurately to your needs.
  • what you need depends where you are at
  • Benefit from accurate observation, close attention from the teacher
  • Getting it right builds confidence to go the distance
  • Feedback from the teacher brings your practice to place of creativity and sensitivity
  • Access hidden potential
  • Learn to witness the journey, not dragged along for the ride
  • Exceptional guidance brings results worth havingRestorative yoga class
  • Self practice works, private classes support you supporting yourself

one step at a time daily practice reshapes us from the inside out
personal guidance to build a stable self home practice can bring you the results you are looking for. (and refine what you think you need, saving a lot of time and effort barking up the wrong tree)


Learning self practice in Personally tailored classes can give you the ability to freely practice alone anywhere in the world. Keep you fit and healthy long into later years. Learn sequences for self practice that give you the power to take charge of your physical and mental growth responsibly. What ever your current situation is Peter has a baby steps you can use to grow strong and vibrantly self aware.

A ‘prescription’ sequence means you can get the most out of your practice with the time and ability you have.

So many people – so many practices

Since year 2000 Peter has been applying therapeutic applications of yoga. He has worked with clients of all ages and abilities, all of whom have different aims and capabilities. From nursing mothers to millionaires in Japan. From competitive business people to the elderly. Many kinds of yoga enthusiasts around the world have benefited from detailed care with Peter.

Private Classes give you freedom to have the class when and where you like. Practice in the wild, in your home, at our clinic, on a tropical island or at the studio.


A guide to what yoga can do

Yoga directly effects physiological and cognitive function. The effects of yoga practice can be directed to various ends depending on how it is applied and our desired outcomes. We often find practicing regularly effective for: for stress management, mental performance, healing injury, self knowledge, building fitness, vitality, self awareness.

Yoga can be applied in many ways to fit your needs. Peter has worked with clients for injuries, rehab, shoulder issues and dislocations, scoliosis, pain management, stress and sleep disorders, post-surgery recovery, meditation, complementary practices for fitness regimens, specific asana groups (like backbends or inversion work), and much more. Yoga can be used effectively to treat many nervous disorders. Yoga is officially recognised as suitable treatment for PTSD and burn out.

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