R a d i c a l   R e m e d i e s



Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Catalunya, 4 – 8 Sep 2024

Yogic Cocktail

Peter and Ellen invite you for 5 days of Radical Remedies in Catalunia. Days of insight and empowerment, facilitated by a yogic cocktail of remedies.

A classic yoga formula of flow and intelligent alignment, will be embellished by cleansing rituals to fast track your immune system to its full potential. Combined with the delicious vegan food and the spa facilities, radical remedies is like a healthy detox that will charge you up to fly home renewed.

Restorative Haven

You will stay in the beauty of La Cura, a dreamy recently restored farmhouse from the 16th century. Located in the Catalan countryside, la Cura is an oasis of restoration with everything you need to be relieved from the sense of immediacy and pressures of daily life. The name says enough: it’s a haven to reset, revitalise and come back to yourself.

Plant based gourmet

During this retreat you will be enjoying the organic and plant-based meals prepared by our master health food chef Vicky. The creative and flavourful menus will delight your senses while giving you all the power you need to grow and to expand.

A cooking workshop, gives you the chance to get the chefs greatest insights about how to incorporate healthy plant based meals into your life.

Fly away renewed